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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Journey is the leading mental health solution for modern companies. Rooted in live group learning, peer support and proactive health, Journey provides the most engaging, cost-effective way to reduce turnover, tackle burnout, and help employees live happier, healthier lives.


What is Journey?

Journey is a proactive mental health platform that gives employees the tools, resources, and really most importantly support to navigate the challenges of both work and life. We have a few sides of the platform, video on demand side with both live and on-demand content, a daily newsletter that gives people a bite-sized tip and a bite-sized practice on mental health. And lastly, private weekly workshops along with the variety of reporting tools along with backend marketing support.

How are you different?

Journey is really focused on the proactive or preventative side of things. So again, giving those employees tools to navigate the challenges that are inevitably gonna come up in both work and life rather than a reactive solution. Which a lot of products out there are reactive. Where people are really only turning to those when they're already in a moment of crisis or chaos. Whereas we're more of that daily practice.

Who is a good fit?

We really do work with companies of all sizes ranking from local 20 to 30 people organizations all the way up to global companies like American Express, Skadden and Inspire Brands, among others. That being said, we really like to work with companies who wanna drive a cultural change within the organization and democratize, and destigmatize that conversation internally around mental health.