XP Health

XP Health is the world’s first and only end-to-end platform for smart vision care. We leverage AI, software, and user-centric design to provide a world-class vision benefit for all employees, with or without prescription needs. Verified by the Validation Institute as a "Level-1" Cost-Savings Benefit, XP Health can reduce Employer claims and Employee out-of-pocket expenses by an average of (40%) and (38%), respectively.


What is XP Health?

XP Health is applying deep technology to democratize employee access to world-class vision care. Traditional vision insurance is broken and hasn't evolved in the last 50 years. The employee experience is full of friction, utilization is pretty low, and the value provided isn't particularly meaningful, not surprisingly, net promoter scores are actually negative. To your question specifically, XP Health sources designer brand frames and top quality lenses directly from manufacturers allowing us to eliminate the astronomical overhead and retail markups that are baked into the supply chain. We then pass those cost savings, which are significant, along to employers and employees.

How is XP Health different?

XP is the world's first and only end-to-end platform for smart vision care. We leverage AI and software as a service to provide a better employee experience while lowering costs. Second, we offer 3x the vision coverage at a fraction of the cost, that is to say, XP offers employees three allowances per year, and we include up to three dependents at no additional cost. Our allowances can be used for prescription or non-prescription needs, including things like normal sunglasses and computer glasses. By contrast, traditional vision plans typically offer one allowance per year that can only be used for prescription needs. Also, there are co-pays, and dependent coverage comes with a significant upcharge, mean that family plans can cost 20, 30, or more dollars per month. Lastly, our business model works. As confirmed by the Validation Institute, XP Health can lower self-funded claims costs by an average of 40%, and employee out-of-pocket expenses by an average of 38%. We are very proud to be certified by the independent Validation Institute as a level one cost savings benefit, and I'd be happy to share that report.

Who is a good fit for XP Health?

XP is a great fit for employers of all sizes who are looking to offer a vision benefit their employees will love, and more importantly, use. We really resonate with groups that are self-funded. We can generate compelling results regardless of the scenario, because of our ability to positively impact employee utilization, engagement, and satisfaction while lowering costs for all parties.

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Posted: Tuesday, November 2, 2021

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