zakipoint Health

zakipoint Health (ZPH) provides a software as a service (SaaS) solution that enables benefits consultants and their employers to identify, understand, and execute on opportunities to reduce healthcare spending and population risk. With our enhanced member experience tool reach out to members with personalized recommendations to improve member engagement.


What is zakipoint Health?

The self-insured employer really is facing this challenge where 30% of their healthcare spend is wasted. It's driven by employees not having transparency regarding costs, lacking the direction and not really understanding the value in whatever we asking the employee to do. As the same challenge the employer has, they lack direction, they lack transparency and value. So what we are trying to do here is we bring a lot of their healthcare data where we help them, what we call iACT, identify through data, act, take specific actions using all the data as an employer, and then three, we actually drive that communication at a member level-specific actions. Hey you, as a member, you can save money by using the allotted medication program, and then we track all of that data back. So it really enables the employer to iACT to save money.

How is zakipoint Health different?

Very simply, the dashboard is very visual and actionable. It tells you immediately where your people are going, so as you can see on this or it actually provides action-driven things. That's one very important difference than what the other things that you'll see. Secondly, we actually take those analytics and drive it at a member level. So we have a member app that gives the member a little bit more of these recommendations that are data-driven that provide information on providers and cost savings potential for the member, and actually provide that proactive campaigns that are very important to drive that member action. So those are the two fundamental things that nobody else is doing.

Who's a good fit for zakipoint Health?

We find self-insured employers obviously of anywhere from 250 employee life to five 10,000 employee lives are really the perfect place that we've seen giving the impact of about 2-3% cost savings. We work with all the benefit consulting and the TPA partners who really want to bring this level of transparency to their customers.

Duration: 02:26

Posted: Tuesday, December 21, 2021

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