Vitori Health

Vitori Health is an optimized reimbursement health plan for self-funded employers inclusive of medical claims-paying, pharmacy services, repricing, direct contracting, concierge, medical management, and more. As an incubated solution grown out of an international professional services firm, Vitori has paid claims and stabilized the solution for several years prior to release as Vitori Health. This has allowed Vitori Health to assert itself as a leader in optimized medical reimbursement and lowest net cost pharmacy services.


What is Vitori Health?

Vitori Health is a comprehensive health plan that drives real expense reduction and value for self-funded employers. We utilize evidence-driven design and optimized reimbursement to deliver better member value and an opportunity to guarantee our results all the way up to a $1,000,000 we are the claims payer, the pharmacy services administrator, the concierge, and more, and we're agnostic to stop loss and reinsurance.

How is Vitori Health different?

Vitori Health is a different approach to reimbursement. With most of the open access chassis, as well as PPO networks, we have an opportunity to reimburse differently and drive savings to our plans. Our algorithmic reimbursement ensures that we have next to no balance bills while still driving 30% savings to our employer plan sponsors. Our pharmacy utilizes acquisition cost index rather than average wholesale pricing and ensures that we always pay the lowest acceptable reimbursement at the pharmacy. We compliment that with patient assistance programs and manufacturing assistance, as well as international sourcing, all built into our platform. With a claims administration team and a provider liaisons to ensure that claims are paid quickly and accurately and a member support and concierge team, that is a warm hug around our platform to ensure a better member experience.

Who is a good fit for Vitori Health?

Those that are self-insured or self insurable are the best fits for Vitori Health, those who want to offer a better benefit at a lower cost or are seeking a better member experience, those who are tired of their defragmented approach or have difficult renewals that are impacting their company growth, and lastly, those that may have an upcoming sale merger or acquisition, our ability to impact what's often the second line item on a P&L can help impact company valuation as companies look to go to market. Thanks, Chris.

Duration: 02:28

Posted: Friday, October 8, 2021

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