Eden Health

Eden Health brings enhanced primary care to mid-market employers across the United States. Through Eden’s mobile app, members can have a one-stop relationship with a trusted healthcare provider. At its core, Eden Health is a primary care offering available 24/7 via an app supported on iOS and Android. Members are able to access in-person appointments with clinicians, attend video appointments, or strike up a dialogue via text within minutes.

In addition to meeting all of an employee’s primary care needs, Eden supports employers’ Covid19 programs for screening, testing, and vaccination. Care coordination and insurance navigation is also supported with Eden by Care Associates assigned to each employer to help their members navigate the complex healthcare system. Behavioral health with psychotherapy sessions is also included in the offering as well as physical therapy in certain states.

Eden Health is proud to be designated as an NCQA Patient Centered Medical Home. Eden deploys a collaborative care model where your Care Team, comprised of MDs, PAs, NPNs/LPNs, therapists, and psychiatrists, can avoid the silos of treatment plans patients encounter everyday in the healthcare system and drive toward RIGHT-SIZING care for the member in a collaborative manner.

With free 24/7 virtual visits, members and their dependents are encouraged to contact their care team day or night for any of their healthcare questions and to avoid costly visits to the ER or get quick assistance filling a prescription to name just two examples.

The fact is there is a lot of waste in the healthcare system with unnecessary appointments with specialists, intake visits, and follow-ups to name just a few. Much of this can be handled by the Eden Care Team, in many cases on a virtual basis, saving members time and money.

In addition, Eden Health is able to review a group’s claims data and find specific opportunities to provide treatment to employees, virtually, that would otherwise hit their plan. The goal is to help employers bend the cost curve in the healthcare system.

Eden Health works with companies that have between 50-5000 employees and self-funded groups are a great fit. The program is extremely flexible and can wrap around a client’s current health plan. Some groups work with Eden to have an onsite clinic exclusive to their employees and others engage on a virtual only basis; it’s entirely based on what a group is looking to accomplish. Thanks for watching and have a fantastic day!